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Sakura <3 I finished these a little faster than I thought ^^;; but ahhh she’s soooo pretty I had to keep working!! My pretty proper lady! I hope when I go to Dollism this month I can get her brother and then ah I’ll be doomed!! ^^


This is Lily, my very first BJD. She is a Bobobie Ariel with a Yao body. She hasn’t gotten her face-up yet but I think she is super cute anyway.

And thanks to a friend for letting her borrow clothes until she gets her own.

malaryush-dolls said: Heeee. Now I really want to see a doll riding a fluffy-suited cat!

Yes I’m thinking this really needs to happen. XD Orrrr see if I can sneak my doll to the store and take a picture. lmao