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Colbán and Sofia have been staying with my sister since pretty much the beginning of the Summer, which means new clothes!  I went and visited this weekend and got some photos.  They look like they’re ready for the autum.



I am finally done with this woman! There are a few things I’d change but I am DONE! DONE!!!

Naomi is an Elfdoll Vivien, with a Raurencio Studio bust (thanks, nonniemouse!), modded Doll in Mind version 1 boy body, Doll Family jointed hands. Whew! nsfw warning btw. Boobs.


And then she stole some horns. Please send help, she’s taking over.

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tibi’s custom knitwear came in, and it’s gorgeous! it’s by QT Lab on etsy and it’s amazing quality.

chundles came in to investigate, too :D

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