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All hand-sewn!

Gah >.< I really want this cat with the fluffy hoodie/suit thing! Though it’s like $30 US. And I really dont know what i’d do with it, but it’s so adorable! There was another one wearing a pink hoodie/jacket and those pictured with fuzzy hoodie/hats. The ducks were also very adorable, but again pretty pricey. ugh. Part of me wishes Zhuhai wasnt so “upscale”. Though looking forward to going to Macau, Hong Kong and Shenzhen again to find the cheaper cute things. :)

And of course a great Engrish shirt~

Cute post!

The first two pictures were taken in a shopping center that has our local Walmart in. Each one are little shops with adorable plushies. The first one, the plushies are more “bean baggie”, as in the big bean bag chairs, but soft fabric. I might have to get one because A) they’re cute and B) they’d make a great pillow. But then there is the second picture which is also and adorable Strawberry bunny pillow… lol

Lastly is a Totoro plush I got tonight. This one is one that I actually had to bargain for. Still not quite used to the bargaining, so I didnt go as low as I probably could have to get this. but he’s very soft and I love the little hearts on the bottom of his tummy. :)

Cute post!

1. We found a super high end fancy mall about a mile or so from our apartment. They had this add for a Hello Kitty Cafe that will be opening soon! :D I’m super excited for this and once it opens I’ll for sure post more pictures of it!

2. These adorable bears were in a window display at a store in the mall. Though they were just decoration… this store is for fancy dishes, etc, and reminded me of a smaller “Pier One” store.

yosd sized cape I made for a customer~

I attached thin elastic on the inside so that her girl can put her arms through it and put her arms out to resemble a raven I believe. ^^ 

Made a few more things today. ^_^

Tried my hand at a Japanese reversible knot bag. And of course Genevieve had to have one too. 

Also made Rosemary a tulle underskirt and this full length skirt. Thinking that she’ll need some sort of cute top and jacket to go with it.

Tiny sized hooded cape for sale.

Made out of minky, ribbon and a fabric flower.

$15 plus shipping. Note me if interested. Will put up  on etsy tomorrow if not sold tonight.

Yosd sized hooded cape for sale!

Made out of brocade fabric, so it will fray a little around the edges. However I did do zigzag stitching around it all so the fraying will be kept in check. 

$18 plus shipping. Note me if interested.

Will be put up on etsy tomorrow if not sold today. ^_^

Got two wonderful packages today! Thank you so much Dakashy for making those two necklaces for my girls! They are PERFECT for them!

And a big thank you to Mlleloupette for the adorable dress for Haruhi! she looks adorable~

Shiny Eevee commission for a girl on Etsy~

probably one of the few shiny eevees that I actually like. lol